Updates since our Launch!

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Thank you once again for coming to our Launch and becoming a Visionary! The turnout, the interest, and enthusiasm for our cause are overwhelming and we are overjoyed by your willingness to accompany us on our journey to changing lives in the Philippines. It has been several months since our Launch Party and we have been working hard to put together boxes of supplies to send to our Gems before Christmas. To fulfill our promise of transparency to you, our Visionaries, we wanted to take you behind-the-scenes to be a part of what we have been up to. We want you and the rest of our Visionaries to be a witness to the impact your contributions have on our Gems in the Philippines.
Below are pictures of items we have gathered for our initial shipment of school supplies! Keep an eye out for upcoming shipment updates. Supplies4 Supplies3 Supplies2

This is possible because of YOU! Thank you!
Please share your impact! #EdFoundationPh #IAmAVisionary
We’d love to hear from you! Please email us with suggestions of how you want to make an impact.
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Have you ever wondered why we call ourselves and our supporters VISIONARIES?

It is because our supporters embody the definition of a VISIONARY. When we think of a VISIONARY, we imagine someone who lives life inspired and optimistic to make a change in the world. VISIONARIES are creative, inventive, innovative, and idealistic. We know that each and every one of our supporters are all these characteristics.

We believe that our VISIONARIES believe in similar core values as we do and they strive to make changes in the world. By becoming a VISIONARY and supporting our mission, YOU are making a change and YOU are changing the world.

Become a VISIONARY!!


Gems Have you ever wondered why we call our children GEMS? Simple. We believe that children encompass every aspect that a GEM signifies.

Let us explain further: GEMS are magnificently created, rare and unique from one another. GEMS are treasured, valued, and admired for their excellence and brilliance. Finally, GEMS are not only beautiful, they are also durable and able to withstand changes in their environment. Are these not similar qualities that children hold? Children are unique and should be celebrated for their differences. They are meant to be treasured, valued, and admired for their unlimited potentials. Finally, children are resilient; they are durable to changes and strong enough to withstand change in their environment.

We believe in the value of every child and strive to assist every child in the Philippines!

As Visionaries we treasure these GEMS? Do you?

Become a Visionary!  


501(c)3 Certified – What does this mean?


Education Foundation of the Philippines is an IRS Approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization.Now, what does this mean?

  1. Education Foundation of the Philippines is a tax-exempt, charitable organization under the terms of Section 501(c)3 of the IRS.
  2. Education Foundation of the Philippines is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.
  3. Visionaries’ (our donors’) gifts to the organization are tax deductible.

Become a visionary today! Check out our website http://www.edfoundationph.org/#!donate/c1ghi for donation information.

Special Thanks from our Launch Party


Our Launch Party on July 31st was a huge success! We are pleased to say that we could not have imagined a better launch for our organization! All of the planning and preparation for our big night was absolutely worth it. We are excited to welcome aboard new Visionaries who can see the good work we want to do and who also want to make an impact in the Philippines!

We would like to take the time to thank some of the contributors that made this event possible:


Raymund Tuason for designing our logo and our invitations.


Monette Gonzalez-Alamares, Bim Bim Adolfo, Susan Panganiban, Julianne Felix, and our Directors Gemma Mechure and Tessie Dantes-Era for the delicious catering of food.

DogTag TellTime BrushCapades UrbanFloat

We want to thank our Donors: BrushCapades Seattle, Dog Tag Arts, Tell Time Watches in Los Angeles, and Urban Float for making our raffle and silent auction a big hit!

JPPaint TLPaint

Joey Panganiban and Teresa Lin for their beautiful handmade paintings that were auctioned and raffled. (Pictures do not do these paintings justice.)

IMG_1375 launch1launch4

Aldo Fernandez and his sidekick Angeline Fernandez for the music entertainment. Jojo De Ramos for being our photographer.


A special thanks to our volunteers: Michael Cederbloom, Sam Reed, Josef Mechure, and Ferdinand Adolfo for their assistance with set up/clean up and Jellianne Castro, Janine Castro, Therese Fernandez, and Lyanne Panganiban for helping us sell raffle tickets.

IMG_1239 IMG_1384

Finally, we want to thank everyone who came to hear our mission and share our vision. You are all officially one of our Visionaries and we sincerely thank you for your generosity and support. You are changing the lives and the education of the children of the Philippines! Thank you!

Learn more about our projects: Calapacuan Elementary School



Calapacuan Elementary School is an esteemed public school located in Calapacuan, Subic, Zambales. It is a Kindergarten to Sixth grade elementary school that caters to 1,670 students for the local area. Due to the lack of space, there are merely 32 classrooms, 1 makeshift for 3 classes of Kindergarten, and 3 shifting classes within Grade 1 and Grade 2. These numbers averages to approximately 49 students per classroom. The school also provides students with various after school activities, clubs, and organizations, within which they are able to participate and become well-rounded pupils.


The 41 teachers of Calapacuan Elementary School work tirelessly to provide quality education despite the lack of space for classrooms and inadequate instructional materials, particularly within the information communication technology departments.


A fire razed the school on December of 2010 and as a result, the science classroom and science equipment were turned to ashes. Although the science room has been remodeled after 2 years, the school lacks the funding to procure the lost science equipment. Education Foundation of the Philippines Inc, considers all these children a gem and we value their future. As an organization, we plan to fulfill the needs of Calapacuan Elementary School; providing them the supplies for the science classroom that were incinerated in the fire. We are counting on our visionaries to help us with this task as well! Ask us how to become a visionary today!!


What makes us different?

There are millions of organizations out there, so you are probably wondering what makes us different from the rest? Other organizations are passionate and motivated to make a difference. Education Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. is similar to those other organizations, but we are also different. As an organization, we are determined to make changes in classrooms by providing students with the materials they need to succeed academically. With that, we want to inspire both our supporters and the children whom we support. We are dedicated to empowering children because we believe that as the next generation, they are the future vehicles for change. Each child that we support, is a “gem.” They are unique, precious, and valuable. We want them to know that their success in life is also something to be valued. We hope that with our continued support, they would be inspired to believe in themselves, their capabilities, and strive to give back to their communities. For our supporters, you are the “visionaries” of our organization. You are our backbone and our inspiration to work harder and to do more. We plan to maintain transparency with our visionaries; to keep you updated on how you are supporting the children of the Philippines. Your trust is our priority and we hope to build it together! By choosing to support us and becoming one of our visionaries, you are making a difference in the academic success of the children of the Philippines.


How to get involved:
Become a visionary: We need your help in achieving our vision for the students of the Philippines. As a visionary your support will assist us in achieving our mission. Your support will allow us to expand to reach more schools that are in need and more children on the street who are in need of general education.

Become a volunteer: We simply cannot gather school supplies, school equipment, and donations alone. We need your help. As a volunteer, you will be assisting our directors with gathering school supplies for the schools we sponsor as well as the for the children on the street. You will also be working along side of our directors in search for possible new donors and creating awareness within the community.

Become an advocate: We are in need of advocacy within the community. As a new organization, we have not established our footing within the community and we need your help. Simply spread the word about our cause, because you never know who will be listening. Share our site on Facebook and Instagram.


Stay tuned to learn more about the education system in the Philippines and the projects we run!


Mabuhay means WELCOME in Tagalog!! This is my first time creating a blog, EVER, so bear with me through this. This page is created for the public to get an idea about what Education Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. is currently status of former projects, current projects, and general information of our organization. We are so excited to officially launch this organization to the world!