Letter from one of our Visionaries


This post was written by one of our younger visionaries, Therese. She wrote this letter for her English class assignment and we decided to share it. We hope you find it as powerful and inspiring as we do.

Here it is:

Today there are countless schools in the Philippines that lack necessary materials to give children a good education. The success and the future of children should be valued. The Education Foundation of the Philippines, launched this summer, is taking action to help decrease and stop this problem and you can to. Although we sometimes take education for granted, others, dream of that education that we get every day. Generally the foundation supports underprivileged children in the Philippines to get the education they will need in the near future. They are supporting schools in the provinces in the Philippines and their goal is to expand and contribute to other schools in the country. Currently, the foundation has been assisting several elementary schools including the Calapacuan Elementary School who are in need of supplies for classrooms. There is about 32 classrooms, 41 teachers and 1,670 students from Kindergarten to sixth grade. In December of 2010 in that same school a fire occurred and the science classroom and the equipment in it was destroyed. Because of that unfortunate event the school had to remodel and are still lacking funds for the science equipment and other materials in classrooms.

By donating money or school supplies you will support the classrooms with needed supplies that are essential for daily work and assignment. You are helping raise awareness and the importance of education for the betterment of the children. The foundation wants to assist students to succeed academically for they are the next generation to make a difference in our world. Through contributing to this need you are helping the children achieve their dreams and to succeed in life. The Education Foundation of the Philippines invites you to join their vision on the importance of education. So join and become a visionary! (edfoundationph.org)

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