Have you ever wondered why we call ourselves and our supporters VISIONARIES?

It is because our supporters embody the definition of a VISIONARY. When we think of a VISIONARY, we imagine someone who lives life inspired and optimistic to make a change in the world. VISIONARIES are creative, inventive, innovative, and idealistic. We know that each and every one of our supporters are all these characteristics.

We believe that our VISIONARIES believe in similar core values as we do and they strive to make changes in the world. By becoming a VISIONARY and supporting our mission, YOU are making a change and YOU are changing the world.

Become a VISIONARY!!


Gems Have you ever wondered why we call our children GEMS? Simple. We believe that children encompass every aspect that a GEM signifies.

Let us explain further: GEMS are magnificently created, rare and unique from one another. GEMS are treasured, valued, and admired for their excellence and brilliance. Finally, GEMS are not only beautiful, they are also durable and able to withstand changes in their environment. Are these not similar qualities that children hold? Children are unique and should be celebrated for their differences. They are meant to be treasured, valued, and admired for their unlimited potentials. Finally, children are resilient; they are durable to changes and strong enough to withstand change in their environment.

We believe in the value of every child and strive to assist every child in the Philippines!

As Visionaries we treasure these GEMS? Do you?

Become a Visionary!