Thank you from CEF, La Union


1st batch of our Christmas Classes at Tanquigan Elementary School. We integrated pupils about values transformation, taught about Christmas Story, of Jesus, we conducted games, singing christmas carols gave them devotional reading books pencils and ballpen, and gave my testimony how God impacted my life in Education from childhood up to now where i finished my double degree in college. Tomorrow we will go to another school at the mountainside of the city. And on friday we will go to the farthest school located in the mountain of la union where the main recipient of the school supplies are the pupils of porporiket elementary School. Continue pray for us. Thank you and God bless.

“For the Education of Needy Children”

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In just our second year of being an internationally recognized non-profit organization, we have been fortunate enough to receive tremendous support both from our volunteers and our donors. This month we were pleasantly surprised to receive a gift from a GoFundMe account that had been set up for us by a young man in the Philippines. We were extremely touched by his story and his generous heart.

Here is what Jacob had to say:

“Hello. I am a 16 year old, Grade 11 student from the Philippines. I come from a family that can live comfortably here in Manila. The thing is here in the Philippines, when you come from families with medium to high wealth, more often than not their children are shielded from the harsh reality happening around the country. The harsh reality where poverty-stricken families worry about what they’re going to eat the next day. The harsh reality where crime is very common and money is hard to come by.
According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, 26.3% or around 1 in 4 of Filipinos were living in poverty in the 1st semester of 2015.
For my birthday this year, I want to mix things up a bit. Instead of me receiving the gifts, I want others to be able to get something that they themselves cannot get.
This all started a few days before my birthday. I honestly do not know what made me think of it but I got thinking that what if this year I would donate all the gifts (usually I get money) i receive to a charity. On the day itself I did my research and it was then when I found the Education Foundation of the Philippines, a charity based in the US but benefits children here in the Philippines. They help underprivileged children get the education they need through their various fundraisers and the donations they receive.
Among their projects are supporting a school in the Subic Bay area, which is west of Manila, Philippines. They have also partnered with a teacher that teaches underprivilaged children also in the Subic Bay area and many more organizations and charities around the country.
These have inspired me to do more than just donate my gifts to them but i didnt have anything more to give then I thought that what if my family and friends also wanted to give to others but didnt just have the opportunity. It was at this point that I decided to create a Go Fund Me page that’ll receive donations which it will then donate, 100%, to the charity.
Through this page I want to raise around $1000 by the end of the year to help the projects of the foundation. According to their website, $100 will fund an entire department of a school so $1000 will go a long way. This amount of money is a lot… thats why I need YOUR HELP to spread the word and hopefully find more donors to help this cause.
This will certainly make my day but the money you guys will be donating will really go a long way into helping the education of underprivilaged Filipino children.
You can check out their website at if you want to learn more about the Education Foundation of the Philippines.”

 Throughout the year we work tirelessly to raise funds, purchase supplies, and put together boxes to help provide for students in the Philippines. What we did not notice (or give much thought to) was that in this process, not only are we making a difference in the lives of those students who receive our gifts, but we are making a difference in the lives of everyone who hears about us (or in Jacob’s case – who stumbled across our website). By supporting the Education Foundation of the Philippines, know that you are truly making a difference in the world and are setting an example for others and our future generations.

With that being said, we are truly grateful for Jacob and for each person who donates, volunteers, or spreads the word about the work we are doing. Because of your generosity, the Education Foundation of the Philippines has not only been able to touch the lives of hundreds of Filipino students, but has also made a lasting mark on those who see, hear, read about, and believe in our mission.

Thank you, Jacob, and thank you to all our Visionaries!

If you would like to visit Jacob’s GoFundMe page, click HERE.





Letter from one of our benefactors

Dear Visionaries,

On behalf of the Quezon Hill Community Church (QHCC) here in Baguio City, Philippines, we express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the Education Foundation of the Philippines [EFP] for choosing our Church as among the recipients of your noble program. Thank you for the school supplies, bags, and other educational stuffs you have sent for the children of our church. You have certainly put smiles on their faces and brought in joy to their parents too being unexpected partakers of your gifts. We initially distributed the supplies on December 20, 2015 during our Christmas Sunday Celebration and made another round on January 10, 2016. There are still a few items left which we intend to give as prizes during our children’s recognition program or as the need arises.

It was truly a delight seeing the children aglow in joy and excitement as they received their share. To the sponsors and donors, to the entire EFP staff and to everyone of you there who helped ensure the success of such noble outreach program, we are greatly honored and blessed by your gesture of love, thoughtfulness and generosity. We pray that this special project of yours will prosper and grow, so that many more will benefit from it.


Pastor Jan Marigza

Holiday Shopping


Dear Visionaries,

The holiday season is fast approaching. Did you know that you can support us while  completing your shopping list. Simply click the link below, add us as your beneficiary, and shop, shop, shop! Education Foundation of the Philippines receives 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchase at NO COST to you!


Letter from one of our Visionaries


This post was written by one of our younger visionaries, Therese. She wrote this letter for her English class assignment and we decided to share it. We hope you find it as powerful and inspiring as we do.

Here it is:

Today there are countless schools in the Philippines that lack necessary materials to give children a good education. The success and the future of children should be valued. The Education Foundation of the Philippines, launched this summer, is taking action to help decrease and stop this problem and you can to. Although we sometimes take education for granted, others, dream of that education that we get every day. Generally the foundation supports underprivileged children in the Philippines to get the education they will need in the near future. They are supporting schools in the provinces in the Philippines and their goal is to expand and contribute to other schools in the country. Currently, the foundation has been assisting several elementary schools including the Calapacuan Elementary School who are in need of supplies for classrooms. There is about 32 classrooms, 41 teachers and 1,670 students from Kindergarten to sixth grade. In December of 2010 in that same school a fire occurred and the science classroom and the equipment in it was destroyed. Because of that unfortunate event the school had to remodel and are still lacking funds for the science equipment and other materials in classrooms.

By donating money or school supplies you will support the classrooms with needed supplies that are essential for daily work and assignment. You are helping raise awareness and the importance of education for the betterment of the children. The foundation wants to assist students to succeed academically for they are the next generation to make a difference in our world. Through contributing to this need you are helping the children achieve their dreams and to succeed in life. The Education Foundation of the Philippines invites you to join their vision on the importance of education. So join and become a visionary! (